“Really enjoyable; gave me a real sense of feeling what it was like to move or change the culture; really liked we had to create our images without talking as other senses had to be more astute”


Thank you for your interest and welcome to toBE’s site.

With us you learn why and how to BE the person, the team, the organisation that has the highest impact with its audiences.

Using theatre-based learning methods in Executive Coaching, Training, Leadership Master Classes, Guest-Lecturing, Large gatherings, the audiences are stretched, moved, engaged and inspired.

Re-creating realities from different perspectives, bringing blind-spots in view, physically stepping in and out of scenarios that are challenging, exploring strategies through Living SWOT’s, Real-play the required behaviours – these are only some examples of how you learn with us.  This can be with or without actors. With small and large audiences.

Using theatre to express the inexpressible; for Patients, victims of Bullying, Survivors and any of us in our most vulnerable state. Safe, caring, enlighten, supporting, cathartic Forum Theatre to BE.

Petra and her associates have expertise in Leadership, Culture Reform, Social Consciousness, Emotional Intelligence, Psychology, Brain-gym & Vision-gym, Nursing. And, of course, all the wealth of knowledge from that most humane of Art forms: Theatre.

We work in Business, Health-Care, Education and Communities with over 80 customers.

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