‘What I do with toBE is simple: I narrow the gap between people’s intentions and what actually happens.’

It can be a personal or a professional gap. For teams or for whole organisations. It is tough and rewarding work – for you. In your Leadership role you need to go there.

Either way, my job is to be an emotional sherpa. Someone who lightens the load. I’ve made this journey many times. The territory is very familiar. 

I map the emotional landscape you need to navigate and increase confidence with every step. That is why I use theatre-based learning – Theatre is the Art of being Human. 

It’s about facing fear. Trusting yourself. Finding the muscle and the voice to reach a more enlightened way to work and better way to be.

Somewhere along the way we all need a foothold…

Petra Oorthuijs is an exceptional Leadership Coach, Trainer and Lecturer on Leadership Masters, with acknowledged expertise in Emotional Intelligence, Embodiment of Leadership Purpose and Theatre-based Learning,

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