Coaching Approach in detail:

Before you decide, either way…

…let’s meet. From our informal meeting, you receive a detailed report that describes my observations and findings, suggestions of focus points in the development programme and a summary of my understanding of the development needs. You, coachee, are at no obligation to start coaching with me; the report is free.

For Team’s I will sit in for free in a team-meeting. After meeting with the Team Leader, the team will receive a detailed report that describes my observations and findings, suggestions of focus points in the development programme and a summary of my understanding of the Team’s development needs. The following description for individuals is more or less the same for Teams:

If coachee is happy to continue with me as their Coach, the report could be shared or described by coachee internally to progress the programme or can remain confidential – it is clear upfront that this is for coachee to decide.

If the Coaching query is being paid for by a workplace, I also meet with the organisation to understand its’ own unique Purpose, Strategy and Culture in which Development Programmes operate and to which Executive Coaching contributes.

Sometimes a 3-way meeting between coachee, their manager & myself is set to agree the expected impact from the coaching programme and the commitment of each person present towards this. We clarify reporting and communications and how formal / informal this is to be and by who.

Coaching Programme:
The coaching programme commences as agreed in a venue of client’s choice. This will include a personal Emotional Intelligence (EQ) Profile for coachee, which will be administered by MHS and processed in our office. The first session is for coachee to understand how their present use of EQ impacts the identified development needs; effectively or disadvantageously.

Optional contributions to the programme:

  1. Specific skill training is available in toBE as either Master Classes or 2-day training programmes, that may enhance required competencies for the coachee.
  2. In some coaching assignments it becomes important for me to see coachee operate in real-life situations; these observations provide valid information about possible blind spots of coachee and crucial to the progress of the overall programme
  3. For Senior Executives, a 360° Feedback Profile on their use of EQ can be a comprehensive insight in their Leadership Impact and how their Self-Perception matches those of others who rely on them.
  4. For Teams a Group EQ Profile provides insights in their (in-)effective use of Emotional Intelligence for Star Performance

Coaching Approach
In my 25 years of Leadership, Team and Skill Coaching, my approach is  behaviour-driven. It involves reflection and expression. Coachee’s behavioral, emotional and thinking patterns are brought to Self Awareness and new ways of doing, feeling and thinking are explored in real practice.  

The programme is completed. Any upfront agreed reporting and/or meetings to sign off on the completion will be adhered to. This may be another 3-way meeting between coachee, their manager & myself to ensure the development programme has delivered on everyone’s expectations.

To arrange your free, informal meeting: send me an email or connect with us through our contact page.