Coaching is..

..for Individuals or Teams

..a mirror for you

..a time to reflect on what you behold there

..a place to make decisions on how to BE your best

..your (organisation’s) investment in your development

..focussed and clearly measured

..a short, medium or spread process

..always absolutely confidential.

Petra’s approach is to..

..meet with you for free, with assessment report, before you commit

..meet with your organisation to understand:

  • The existing / required culture
  • The expected outcomes / reporting
  • How coachee is supported in intended activities
  • How much mentoring/training can be added (or not) if deemed fitting

..include Emotional Intelligence (EQ) where fitting from a choice of profiles for leaders, teams and individuals as well as 360 feedback reports.

..give you choices in methods, whilst never lose focus on what you want to achieve.

..BE both reflective and physically active

..share an extensive source of books, sites, knowledge and materials from 20 years experience

Petra's expertise


  • Emotional Intelligence
  • Vocal and Physical Presence
  • Bringing Vision & Purpose alive
  • Culture change
  • Crisis Management
  • Energy Management (rather then time management…)
  • People Management
  • Performance Management
  • Creative Critical Thinking
  • Strategic Thinking & Planning

Customer Service

Team Development

Number of sessions

ALeadership Coaching, including Emotional Intelligence (EQ), for Leadership Development takes – on average – 6 sessions of 2 hours + the cost of EQ Profiling and Assessment, which you can find here

B: Competency Coaching to practice – skill & drill – new abilities, takes – on average – 4 sessions of 2 hours; examples are: Communication, Team Development, Voice / Posture, Presentation, Energy (Time..) Management..

C Coaching to clarify ‘what do I want to do when I grown up?’ and pro-actively plan, takes – on average – 4 sessions of 1.5 hour

D: Team Coaching is adapted to the phase of the particular team and it’s specific focus need; a mixture of 2-hour workshops and observation + feedback of Team members in their own teams and the overall Team Meetings.

Contact Petra direct on petra.costigan@tobe.ie or 087-2335165