Types of Profiles

EQ measures how much we use 15 non-cognitive abilities for Star Performance, Emotional & Social Functioning and Wellbeing.  By answering a questionnaire online your personal profile will show how much you presently use these 15 abilities in your life. Click here to see an example EQ Workplace profile. The more your work involves leading people and performance the higher your EQ use will relate to success.

For people in leadership roles there is a Leadership Profile that interprets EQ-i 2.0 results through a leadership lens, and allows you to discover how your profile compares to top leaders.

Your EQ profile is particularly insightful when compared to how others see you use these abilities.  This is collected through an EQ 360° feedback report, that can be filled out by as many colleagues, friends, family and other relevant staff as you wish.

Finally, a Group Report will clarify how your team is (not) coping with the challenges they face as a collective. Based on this the development of using EQ smarter is not just for individual results, but also for the group as a whole.

Profiling Costs

Below costs are rates for Business Organisations; for charities and private request we make allowances

Processing and profiling: €150

1.5-hour profile Coaching: €395

Workplace EQ-i 2.0 Profile: €95

Leadership EQ-i 2.0 Profile: €125

EQ-i 2.0 360° feedback report: €300

EQ-i 2.0 Group Report: €135

“Emotional Intelligence explained and practiced”: an experiential Seminar/Workshop that gives participants the insight in why the need to know how to use their EQ as well as the practice of how to develop their use of EQ for Star Performance.

To discuss a development programme or team / individual coaching that may include EQ-i 2.0, please contact Petra direct by e-mails or mobile 087-2335165

Emotional Intelligence

Being intelligent about emotions and how they affect us and our inter-actions, is a range of abilities we all carry within us. We may, however not always use them fully or, in some cases, overuse them. Our use of these non-cognitive abilities has been researched and coined as ‘Emotional Intelligence’ (EQ). Where IQ or technical skill accounts for 6% of our success, the use of EQ accounts for 35% – for leaders this goes up to 66%.

EQ profiling is particularly affective in Individual or Team Coaching, Leadership or Governance Team Development and as a tool to profile Star Performance across the organisation.  Assessing at the start as well as on completion of any development, both EQ profiles clearly show achieved results.

You can get a profile of how you use, at that moment, these 15 emotional abilities.  The profile will give you a language to describe what you have always known about yourself, but could never quite ‘capture’.  And therefore you can choose to develop your use with focus and intent fitting the demands you face.

Emotional Intelligence influences how you handle yourself and others in coping with the demands and pressures of your work and personal life. This tool is not a static report, as your circumstances constantly change and so your uses of these abilities do too.

To discuss a development programme or team / individual coaching that may include EQ-i 2.0, please contact Petra direct by e-mails or mobile 087-2335165