Which EQ profile is right for you?

Each of us has a range of innate qualities which contribute to our Emotional Intelligence. These are non-congnitive abilites like empathy, assertiveness and self-awareness. Some may be more developed than others; and we tend to over-rely on key strengths leaving others neglected and underused.

EQ profiling allows you to audit these human qualities and achieve equilibrium.

To learn how this works in practice, select a profile that suits you from the examples below and answer an online inventory questionnaire. 

An overall picture of your EQ will start to emerge, revealing how proficient you currently are in relation to these abilities. With Coaching,  improved metrics can be used as a springboard to enhance both personal and Team Performance.  

EQ Profile Types & Examples


How often do you use the 15 key non-cognitive abilities that make up EQ?
Sample Profile


Discover how your own EQ profile compares to the profiles of other top leaders.
Sample Profile


It can be difficult to see our own emotional abilities objectively.

This profile invites an honest and constructive appraisal from friends, colleagues, family and anyone else who might bring valuable perspective.
Sample Profile


How does your team score on emotional intelligence as a collective?

This is a profile designed to help you identify where you excel and where all of you can improve together.
Sample Profile