toBE’s creative programmes move people applying Theatre, Emotional Intelligence & Neuroscience techniques


We listen fully; not just with our ears. We may observe you at work, in meetings or on your own. We may use EQ or other assessments on the key players. We diagnose individuals and groups behaviour: your culture. We ask you and your people how you assess yourself.

We want to see the environment and the challenges faced by your people. We see and we listen – we observe with every sense – to identify the real gaps in behaviour terms that prevent Star Performance by you, your team, your organisation.


The diagnosis is translated into two success measures

  1. The results wanted in the short and long term, described in behaviour terms
  2. The skills needed to get there from particiant(s) and organisations

We create for and with you the best fitting Development Programme that provides the physical, vocal and verbal confidence, skills, creativity and morale necessary for Star Performance.

Actors used in training are profiled to match.

Instant impact tips

Success in Delivery and beyond

We ask participants to identify before and plan during the Programme how to develop their required skills. The support from others in the organisation is agreed upfront to ensure practice beyond the programme is continuous.

Our method is experiential and considers both people’s interior and exterior, resulting in deeper and longer-term adoption of practice.

In addition a written feedback report, either in general or specifically on each individual (with prior consent) can be part of a programme and linked to Performance Appraisal

Each participant on courses and coaching has continuous free access to Petra and her team by e-mail, phone or meeting for support.

Every programme with every customer had measurable results.  For references, please contact us