Petra Costigan-Oorthuijs

Petra Oorthuijs – Beneath the surface, beyond the obvious.

Drawing on more than 25 years as a Lecturer, Trainer and Coach, Petra engages with energy, compassion and humour. She observes intently and dis-covers (in)effective behaviour patterns astonishingly quick. With tough love, focus, intent and generosity, working with her will bring you to a new level of embodying your purpose. You will show up stronger, with more impact and from your own powerful intent.

Petra studied Nursing Management and subsequently Theatre-Based Pedagogy in The Netherlands. Both professions demand an ability to look perceptively at people, to win their trust and to see beneath the surface, behind the facade.

While working with Mother Teresa in Calcutta, Petra met a distressed woman in need of comfort and connection. The two had no shared words and still easily managed to establish rapport. Petra often thinks of this as a eureka moment: an encounter which illuminated the deep power of intention.

It was this insight that prompted her to pair the empathy and compassion of medical work with the transformative power of Theatre. The result was to become her life’s work: toBE. Her ongoing purpose is to narrow the gap between intention and actual. For you, as a Leader of your destiny and of your organisation’s Purpose, to show up affectively.

In teams, or in tandem, Petra builds trust – then teaches people not only to know what is needed, but ultimately to actually be what is needed.

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