Petra Costigan-Oorthuijs is a highly sought after Leadership Coach, Trainer, Guest-Lecturer, Facilitator & Speaker.  With incredible focus and insight, people are challenged to identify, practice and master the core BEhaviours needed for Star Performance of themselves, their teams and their organisation. Beyond knowing what is needed, people are brought to BE what is needed.  Petra is a chosen member of CoachSource and sits on many coach panels of private, public, educational, community and health organisations.  And leadership, by the way, is not just for ‘the few the top'; in today’s world we all need collective, intentional, courageous, attentive, focussed, interdependent and authentic Leadership.

Qualified in Health Management, Applied Theatre Behaviour Management and accredited with Emotional Intelligence (EQ-i 2.0) and Braingym, Petra brings out the best in you and your people, using physical, vocal and mental resilience techniques. With more than 20 years of lecturing, coaching and training experience, she now applies this unique mix to people in business, education, health and community.

In 2000 she founded toBE, Ireland’s first theatre-based learning company. The company uniquely delivers learning events like Seminars, Skills training and Development Programmes using the principles of theatre and techniques of theatre performers.  With or without actors, individuals, groups and complete organisations are given the platform to break through ‘old habits that seem to die hard’.  Forum Theatre, Living SWOT’s and Experiential Learning Methods have given organisations the experience and break through they need urgently.  Engaging Global Leaders to Connect across oceans and cultures, breaking through the culture of Bullying BEhaviours, Re-energising the workforce and Building Resilience are some of the organisation-wide programmes the company delivers.  For smaller groups toBE’s approach is particular effective for Management, Leadership and Top Team Development.  In 2015 a new suite of Leadership Programmes was piloted by 25 Senior Leaders and are now available as 3-hour Master Classes.

She lectures in Letterkenny Business School on the Masters in Leadership and Innovation. She is invited to co-lecture in New Zealand on the Leadership Masters of Auckland University. She is a trainer for the IPA and the IMI and delivers training to young adults to be Bullyproof, Self-Aware and Assertive.  She is director of KAIC whose aim is to match-make Arts In Context projects with available funds.

On the Conference circuit Petra’s Engagement, with or without actors, is an energetic, interactive sample of the immediate impact theatre-based learning provides. Audiences ranging from 15 to 500 have been moved – literally!

Allstate, Boston Scientific, Bank of Ireland, Canon, Deloitte NI, Dublin Bus, ESB, Fáilte Ireland, Irish Life, Johnson & Johnson, Mainstream Renewables, Matheson Microsoft, Nandos, Oracle, Prudential, PTSB, Pfizer, Queens Trinity and UCD Universities are some of the long list of organisations using toBE for its High Impact. Organisations like KARE, Mental Health Ireland, CrossCare, Concern, Irish Immigrant Council and many others have benefitted from these organisations’ bookings by attending for free at Public Courses.

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You can contact Petra by e-mail or mobile 087-2335165