Embodiment Practice


30 – 31 May 2018, Dublin City Centre, Ireland;

Price: €900 or €795 if fully paid by 6 April 2018, includes:

pre-workshop interactions, to tailor the workshop to your real-life scenarios and challenges;
post-workshop one hour 1:1 Coaching Session with Petra

Every 3 paid bookings create a free place for a Leader in a registered charity.


To transform the way ‘we-do-things’ in your organisation and to inspire your people to trust sustainable new ways, you need Leadership with Purpose. Why you organisation, your team or you do what you do may not be clear to those relying on it. And not even always to yourself. 

Leading with Purpose provides meaningful lives, careers and relationships. Purpose drives Strategic transformation and sustainable Cultural change. Commitment, loyalty, motivation, well-being, drive, passion and innovation all have the same heart: Purpose. 

This programme is run by Petra Costigan-Oorthuijs

Detailed pre-workshop interaction ensures the workshop is tailored to your real-life scenarios and challenges.

Who will benefit from attending?

People with Leadership responsibility who need to inspire others, direct and indirect, into a sustainable transformation of behaviours. Particularly fitting those who lead organisational change programmes.  If you need to clarify, deepen and create the Story of why you or the organisation you lead, exist and does what it does, then this is the programme for you.

What will you learn?

  • Understand how others hear your voice and measure your presence.
  • How to Inspire action from your stakeholders and influence their perception of the common Purpose
  • Create the story of your Purpose and use these techniques to refresh the story again and again – keeping it alive, dynamic and relevant
  • A simple approach to remain Strategic in your thinking and your actions
  • Evoke real Cultural Transformation
  • Communicate Leadership Behaviours
  • Developing Leadership behaviours for yourself and others
  • Identify your Authenticity and explore how to Lead in times of authenticity dilemma’s.
  • Manage with confidence the delicate balance of aligning individual, team and organisational Purpose
  • Unite body, voice and speech to create ‘total’ communication
  • Ensure the Purpose of your communication is being received by the direct and indirect audiences
  • Learn how to use a Strategic Communication Map

What dates and where is it on?

30-31 May 2018 in Dublin; Strict limit of 12 participants

How to book a place

The Workshop fee is €900 or €795 if fully paid by 6 April 2018; includes pre- & post-workshop interaction, a workbook, handouts, lunch and refreshments (There is currently 0% VAT on training services.) Every 3 paid bookings create a free place for a Leader in a registered charity.

To book: send your name & date of programme to greetings@tobe.ie or through our contact page.

What previous participants say

“When I walked the Purpose Path in your programme, it revealed, quite confronting, my part of why we just weren’t able to get the cultural change we so desperately needed. I didn’t acknowledge that then. Now, 3 months on, I can let you know that that moment has given me the insight and physical practice to change the way my Leadership Team interacts and re-acts to our staff.  In fact, now that I write you, I realize it was courage I found, because of the focus on Purpose. We are finally having the difficult conversations in an effective way and talking ‘inside out’” (note Petra: term ‘inside out’ will be covered in the programme)

“Purpose, purpose, purpose – I don’t think I’ll ever revert back to my old, constraining thinking – to make strategic thinking and planning so much easier and real for those who rely on it. Fantastic!”

“I can’t wait to share the story; find out how people will react. I can physically imagine the difference of energy in the place because of it – energizing! Thank you!”

“I found the powerful techniques in this programme challenging, but compared to other training techniques, this was the only way for us to make the big change we need to make to lead into the future. I rate this programme as one that every Leader in Government should attend to make the changes necessary for Ireland Inc”

“Got out of my head and into my heart and found the story to share it. Life changing for me and, I am sure, for my staff who will probably be shocked by this new person on Monday. This programme is not for the faint hearted, but delivers far beyond its’ promise”