Embody Emotional Intelligence Workshop

Mastering the Art of Leading with Emotional Intelligence; receive your personal EQ profile.

8-9 May 2018 in Dublin, Ireland

Price: €995 or €880 if fully paid by 29 March 2018, includes:

your personal EQ Profile
pre-workshop interactions with Petra to tailor workshop to your real-life scenarios and challenges
post-workshop One hour 1:1 Coaching with Petra

Every 3 paid bookings create a free place for a Leader in a registered charity.


Surprisingly, research shows that IQ or technical skills account for only 6% of our success – while EQ accounts for sizeable 35% – but the real eye-opener is that for leaders 66% of their success is attributable to using Emotional Intelligence. You will gain a deep understanding of what Emotional Intelligence is and its link to both individual and organisational success. This programme will practice how you use your EQ in challenging circumstances. You will experience the impacts of how you express your EQ to the world and explore various new ways to have the desired outcomes.

This programme is run by Petra Costigan-Oorthuijs

Detailed pre-workshop interaction ensures that work throughout the two days is adapted to your real-life scenarios and challenges.

Who will benefit from attending?

People with Leadership and People Management responsibilities, who need to have a framework to rely on for clarity in challenging times.

What will you learn?

  • What Emotional Intelligence is and is not, and how it differs from IQ
  • How you currently use your Emotional Intelligence, through a personal EQ Profile
  • A deep understanding of the 15 abilities that make up EQ in the context of Leadership
  • How to tap into your EQ and choose to use it smartly
  • A raise Awareness of how emotions affect managing challenging situations, both your own and of others
  • Challenging the beliefs that may prevent required change of behaviours both your own and of others
  • Identifying new ways of managing and leading challenges more affectively
  • Embodying Emotional Intelligence with confidence, clarity and consistency

What dates and where is it on?

8-9 May 2018 in Dublin; Strict limit of 12 participants

How to book a place

The Workshop fee is €995 or €880 if fully paid by 29 March 2018; includes pre- & post-workshop interaction, your personal EQ Profile, a workbook, handouts, lunch and refreshments (There is currently 0% VAT on training services.) Every 3 paid bookings create a free place for a Leader in a registered charity.

To book: send your name & date of programme to greetings@tobe.ie or through our contact page

What previous participants say

“I stepped in with some reservations about the science of EQ, and have moved beyond the ‘real-unreal’ way of looking and thinking about the world. This programme is a true Leadership Programme that is a must for anybody who believes, like me, they don’t really need ‘the soft stuff’”

“EQ gives me the language to clarify to myself and others why we are not effective. The theatre-based approach was unexpectedly profound. It is not role play – which I hate doing –  but a process of allowing me to look at myself; and myself in the group. It has opened up a new way of learning beyond this class-room. Thank you”

“The delivery of Petra, her tough kindness combined with her extensive knowledge and experience of human BEINGsd has given me necessary insights and practice”

“EQ is a refreshingly clear way to describe the things we may know but not quite grasp. It has given a different way of thinking about Leadership – a better way for all the people involved”