Emotional Intelligence Master Class

The Art of Leading with Emotional Intelligence


This Master Class focuses on the Master Techniques to use your  Emotional Intelligence for both individual and organisational healthy relationships. We will discover the EQ component of Star Performance in challenging circumstances, as Leaders of Self and Others.

This programme is run by Petra Costigan-Oorthuijs

A pre-class questionnaire ensures the Master Class is tailored to your real-life scenarios and challenges.

Who will benefit from attending?

People with Leadership and People Management responsibilities, who want insights in resolving challenging relationships in the context of Leadership.

What will you learn?

  • An overview of the 15 abilities that make up EQ in the context of Leadership
  • An overview of what Emotional Intelligence is and is not, and how it differs from IQ
  • How to tap into your EQ and choose to use it smartly
  • A raised Awareness of how emotions affect managing challenging situations, both your own and of others
  • Challenging the beliefs that may prevent required change of behaviours both your own and of others
  • Identifying new ways of managing and leading challenges more affectively


To book: send your name + request for proposal to greetings@tobe.ie or through our contact page.