Executive Voice Workshop

Mastering the Art of how to inspire, express and influence with Purpose and Impact – in collaboration with Poll Moussoulides

2 days with 2 Leadership Embodiment Experts
Fully Booked 10 – 11 April 2018, Dublin City Centre, Ireland
Next dates September, 2018 – provisional bookings open

Price: €1,125 or €955 if fully paid by August 2018, includes:

pre-workshop interaction, to tailor the workshop to your real-life scenarios and challenges;
post-workshop, one hour 1:1 Coaching Session with one of the two Experts.

Every 3 paid bookings create a free place for a Leader in a registered charity.


You will master practical techniques to sharpen your message, hone an authentic Presence and engage in powerful, courageous conversations that achieve results. People who communicate with impact and inspire others with their purpose, are the ones who will enjoy the best careers, rewards and relationships. The confidence that comes from knowing you’re able to express yourself with clarity and credibility, extends into all areas of life. As an Executive, when you speak with Purpose and Authenticity, those around you have a greater belief in your Leadership abilities.

I run this programme with Leading Voice-Coach Poll Moussoulides (see below).

Detailed pre-workshop interaction ensures that work throughout the two days is adapted to your real-life scenarios and challenges.

Who will benefit from attending?

People with Leadership responsibility who wish to ensure their level of expertise and knowledge is having maximum impact on those around them. If confidence, belief and charismatic presence are essential in your role, this workshop is an absolute must.

What will you learn?

  • Understand how others hear your voice and measure your presence.
  • Command attention from your listeners and influence their perception of your message.
  • Identify the dynamics of your voice & body and be more effective in your use of these instruments.
  • Learn to optimise your embodiment strengths, and to enhance weaker characteristics.
  • Unite body, voice and speech to create ‘total’ communication.
  • Ensure the intention of your communication is being received by the listener.
  • Learn a schedule of rehearsal to reach Peak Performance when you need it in every engagement.
  • Implement techniques to warm up and dramatically improve your body & voice’s tone and clarity.
  • Know what style you (over and under-) use; learn other styles to avoid previous stumbling blocks.
  • Identify your authenticity and discover how to maintain this in all your communications.
  • Be able to use your adaptability skills without losing the ability to gain impact

What dates and where is it on?

September 2018 in Dublin; Strict limit of 14 participants; With two trainers working continuously throughout the workshop you are guaranteed the benefit of both individual coaching and group learning.

How to book a place

The Workshop fee is €1,125 or €955 if fully paid by 10 March 2018; includes pre- & post-workshop interaction with the trainers, a workbook, handouts, lunch and refreshments (There is currently 0% VAT on training services.) Every 3 paid bookings create a free place for a Leader in a registered charity.

To book: send your name & date of programme to greetings@tobe.ie or through our contact page.

Introducing Poll Moussoulides…

Poll Moussoulides is Ireland’s leading Voice Coach and one of Europe’s most sought after Vocal Communications Specialists. His company, Voice Matters, creates and provides in-house training to organizations throughout Europe with clients from the highest levels of the Corporate, Political and Broadcast sectors.

Since 1991, Poll has trained hundreds of Journalists and Presenters in News, Sport, Current Affairs and Lifestyle programs who have been seen and heard on RTE, TV3, BBC, TnaG, Newstalk & CNN. By adapting the principles of Actor training, Poll has created a practical and wholly attainable method for all to communicate with greater physical confidence and vocal expertise. Over the last 19 years he has been Voice Coach on plays in all of Ireland’s major Theatres and many in the UK. He has coached hundreds of Actors, from absolute beginners to multi Oscar award winners, on over 45 Film and TV productions. From 1986 – 1995 he was Head of Voice at the Gaiety School of Acting and for 5 years at the Drama Faculty in Trinity College Dublin.

He delivered key modules for communication and leadership Workshops in the Irish Management Institute from 1991-2008 and is now an Associate at the Edinburgh Institute of Leadership and Management Practice in Napier University. In 2006 Poll founded the Irish Voice Association and is also a founding member of the Irish Film & Television Academy (ITFA). He has been a Communications Expert on many TV & Radio programs.

For more information on Poll and his work – visit voicematters.com

What previous participants say

“A process of stripping back the noise in your heads to just be you and realize that that is enough”

“Awesome” – “Impossible not to grow in confidence and leadership strength”

“Loving it, so relevant and empowering”

“This Workshop gives you the platform to transform yourself”

“Safe environment to practice, but optimizes your strength as a leader”

“This is by far THE BEST program I have ever undertaken in my 65+years. Inspirational, challenging, painful, gutsy and awesome are words that apply”

“Unique where individualism is celebrated and accepted”

“Their tough love enabled me to break through some stubborn old habits – just what I needed”