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“‘theatre-based’ does not do justice to the depth of knowledge on Leadership, Humanity and Learning given in this programme. This is Mastery. And the actual theatre-bit, which I dreaded? That gave me the most: immediate techniques, steps and actions, practiced in a challenging, but always safe place: thank you” Director Operations Retail

Topical Expertise

  • Leadership Development
  1. Master Classes 3-hour High Impact Seminars to Master the Art of Leadership for small, medium, large audiences
  2. Executive Coaching: Free feedback report from initial meeting (also free) before committing
  3. Emotional Intelligence
  4. Guest Speaking; Short, Inter-active engaging pieces to stretch Leadership mind-set and practice
  • Leadership Team Development
  1. Team coaching
  2. Emotional Intelligence Group Profile; building Team Inter-dependent collaboration, Mutual Accountability and Team Communications


  • Emotional Intelligence (EQ); information, cost and sample profiles here
  • Culture alignment
  1. Collective experiences  to change behaviours
  2. Observation & Analysis of your culture, using E. Schein methods and the observation mastery of theatre to clarify how fitting your present culture is to deliver on the strategy.
  3. Coaching and/or Mentoring programmes to embed a culture of shared talent management responsibilities
  • Communications
  1. Presence and Authenticity: using actor’s Mastery in Communications to convince any audience with Impact and Confidence of the performance’s key message.
  2. Voice and Non-verbal development to diminish conflicting messages
  3. Attentive Listening with all your senses, building your skills to ‘read others’
  4. Assertiveness & Confidence building to express yourself and your beliefs with impact
  • Customer Focus;
  1. Customer Loyalty using Emotional Intelligence to connect with any (group) of customers under any circumstances and turning challenges into opportunities
  2. Company-wide Customer Service training using actors: a variety programme spread over weeks to embed Star Customer Service Performance

For references and ideas contact Petra direct at or 087-2335165. For a list of our clients and testimonials, visit here

Method Examples

The below methods are used in toBE’s work together with the necessary theory, introduction and reflecting time.  Learning events are always specially designed for your people’s needs.  On completion each person and collectively people will have agreed measures of success & timelines.

A theatrical platform where audiences deal with the dilemma’s, challenges, resistances and contradictions of any given topic. Particularly powerful to encourage engagement, dialogue and connection in audiences with conflicting opinions and stances.

“The Forum Theatre approach embedded an integrated Customer Service approach from our 170 staff, serving the rest of our 4000 colleagues; rates were up significantly in the poll”

“Forum theatre allowed us to agree what each of us could do to improve the low morale towards a Positive Workplace. All 170 staff were ready for what was possible after taking part; no more ‘can’t do’!”

“The Forum Theatre woke up our corporate supporters how deeply challenging the rescue of Women from violence really is. ‘Why don’t you just leave’ is now understood to be a response that is not real”

“Our Global Connect Symposium, attended by 250 Senior Leaders from Asia, USA and Europe, brought the real challenges of connectivity home through the Forum Theatre. Colleagues from different parts of the world saw, experienced and felt the perspectives of each part’s challenges”

“Forum Theatre opened the conversation between us all on how to reduce Bullying and Inappropriate Behaviours in our workplace. From 1 in 4 experiencing or witnessing these behaviours, the next survey indicated only 13%. ”

Forum Theatre gives long-lasting impact, because it explores all perspectives holistically.

  • Image Work

“After so many re-organisations, the team was made up of people from different parts of the organisation with conflicting and overlapping ways of doing the work. The image work got to the heart of the matter within minutes; we developed our new identity in a day. This ground-work gave us new energy, clear priorities and a stronger sense of collaboration”

“We want to tell our story through actors” toBE facilitated a group of institutionalised women to express their story, using devised theatre and an actress.  We summarised it in a short film for them treasure.

“Our school will grow substantially on the next 2 years; the traditional way in which we work in the University will not support this – we need a radical shift of mind set and attitude. The image work fitted perfect to the master minds and individualist that work here; it was difficult and quick and enlightening.”

  • And…

Guest Speaking samples: These are up to 1-hour  interactive engagements with or without actors for Conferences, Seminars, All-Hands and other gatherings: “Leadership – not just for a few at the top”; “‘WorkLifeBalance’ – the nonsense phrase that does the opposite”; “Emotional Intelligence – why?”; “Presence & Impact – a Master Class”; “Teams dis-courage collaboration – how to create true inter-dependency”; “Connecting across oceans – how?!”

In Our Shoes; a collective of people with learning disabilities and other theatre professionals performing

Connecting techniques for Care Professionals

‘Using theatre to express the inexpressible’ for (mental) health patients

Anti-Bullying programmes in schools

Voice techniques for teachers

Using coaching behaviours for Principles

The possibilities for using these and more instant high impact for long term affect learning methods are endless. Contact Petra direct at or on 087-2335165 to explore ideas.