toBE’s creative training & coaching moves people using insights and best practice from Theatre, Emotional Intelligence & Neuroscience

Why toBE?

We are the only Irish company that applies theatre-based learning methodically to serve the bottom line

We are generous with our ideas, knowledge and know-how – what was passed to us will pass to you to support you

Our sole focus is your, your team’s and your organisation’s growth

Our Programmes are different, fun, interactive and very, very challenging in total safety

We model how you can be truly successful – we can actually bring you to the future

We measure results from our Programmes

We live by our name; our vision is for each customer toBE

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What we value

Learning should be fun, through fun learning is deeper;

Learning is linked to Emotion; we respect this;

Every inter-action is with integrity, honesty and clarity. We practice what we preach;

Every programme exceeds the expectations of our customer;

We have endless energy and passion for and in what we do;

We learn with our customers in every project and thank them for this gift to us;

We absolutely and utterly love what we do and take it very serious;

We believe in everybody’s potential and help to realise it;

We respectfully value the principles of Theatre.

We share (y)our good fortune with charities: they get a free space for every 3 paid bookings on our Public Workshops

toBE people

Petra Costigan-Oorthuijs: Founder and  Soul of the company

Caitriona O’Sullivan: Office Manager  Backbone of the company

Jill Bradbury, Nick Devlin, Charlie Hughes, Aidan Jordan, Mags MacAuliffe, John MacKenna, Bonnie McCormick, Declan McGauran, Fiona O’Connor, Jenny O’Dea, John Stewart and Lorna Quinn are some of the actors on our large database of superb professional improvisers

To get in touch with our team today, please contact Petra direct at or 087-2335165 or the office below