‘My purpose is simple: to narrow the gap between Imagination and Reality

Imagine not only yourself as a body, but your organisation, your team, whatever system you are part of as ‘a body’.

How that body shows up in the world and how it moves, may not be fit for Purpose. 

It takes Imagination to see a different way in the near or far future; to be able to step in the Image: to Imagine. It takes Leadership to move the whole body inter-dependently; not towards the image, but by it.

That is why I use theatre-based learning – Theatre is the Art of Being Human with endless imagination. And with my added insights in Emotional Intelligence and System Constellations, movement of the whole body is enabled.

My job is to be an emotional sherpa. Someone who lightens the load. I’ve made this journey many times. The territory to navigate imagination, courage and reality of the body is very familiar.

It’s about facing fear. Trusting the body. Finding the muscle and the voice to reach a more enlightened way to work and purposeful way to be.

Somewhere along the way we all need a foothold…

Petra Oorthuijs is an exceptional Leadership (Team) Coach, Trainer, Facilitator, Speaker, Lecturer on MBa’s and Theatrical Event Contributor, with acknowledged expertise in Emotional Intelligence, Physicality of Leadership, and Experiential (online) Learning.

Her expertise is particularly fitting for ‘bodies’ that need to (re-)adjust their Culture, Behaviours, Attitudes, Presence, Adaptability and Focus.

Petra delivers online too; find out more about Petra, her values and sample programmes