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  1. Theatre principles & techniques: to BE able to express with confidence and impact, ensuring any audience will pay attention – external
  2. Emotional Intelligence (EQ) profiling and psychology; to BE able to manage emotions, yours and those of others – internal
  3. Constellations; unlock the shackles, the dynamics and patterns, from the living systems you move in – relational

All our services are free for those whose efforts fully focus on both saving and increasing the health of Earth and all her inhabitants. EQ profiles are owned by MHS, so can not be offered for free.


…, for individuals or groups, develops your impact through the 3 layers of being: external, internal & relational. A bespoke, surprising experience for each client.

Systemic Constellations…

…bring to the surface deep-rooted, often unacknowledged, beliefs in the larger groups we move in. You can identify, as individual or group, how you are part thereof and may serve you or, more often, how it stops you and others to move where you need.


Receive your personal Profile showing you how you presently use these innate abilities in relating to others and your self. Learn how to utilise them to their fullest.


experiential Workshops, designed for you or your group’s development need. to BE able to express yourself, to BE able to manage emotions, to BE shifting ways forward for the Systems you move in.

Petra Oorthuijs

Guided by her values, Petra’s energetic style of open curiosity, tough love and sharp focus brings you clarity and confidence in who and how you are.  Shining a light on your story. Allowing you to find effective ways to share your story with those who need to know. Challenging, that too, to find ways within yourself – as individuals or groups – that may be healthier, more affective and lasting.

For over 30 years Petra Oorthuijs trained, coached & lectured in Leadership, Master Communications, Presence & Authenticity and EQ all over the world. Since 2015 she immersed herself in Systemic Constellations and in particular the eco-systemic perspective. Challenging, continuously, set answers to be Human, seeking to ask the cathartic questions; learning to pay attention deeper and wider.

Since 2023 she is committed fully and only to efforts that will both restore Earth and all her inhabitants, as well as create places, ultimately full Earth, that sustain a reciprocal life between all. She volunteers 3 days a week in various places that share this commitment to learn. The other 2 remain open for her to provide free Coaching, Workshops or Constellations. Her hope is that by 2025 she will know where to invest her pension, time and efforts.