MindThe Gap

You need…

First, we meet. You tell me what you hope to get from coaching with me. From this, obviously free, informal meeting, you receive a detailed report that includes my observations, suggested coaching hours and/or group training and focus points, plus the fee that fits your present financial situation. You are at no obligation to start coaching with me after receiving this report, it’s free.

If you decide to work with me, know that we always work in Athy. I have my own workspace here. My work always includes Nature (as this is part of being human), so the work may take us on occasion into the outdoors.

All my work considers and includes all 3 levels of being, as these are intrinsically interconnected parts of us and the world in which we move.

Level 1: This is your expressed self, how you show up, your Presence; we work to make you more aware of how you use your voice, body, energy, breath, language and movement in any given circumstance. The work brings you through practices towards being clear, affective, confident, impactful, drawing in others, to BEing you with confidence, ease and joy.

Level 2: This is your inner self, your Emotional Intelligence; we work to make you more aware of how emotions, yours’ and others’, affect you in any given circumstance. You will receive your own unique EQ Profile that will form the underlying story to work through your query towards BEing you with confidence, ease and joy.

Level 3: This is you in the world, your soul being connected to all that is; we work to make you more aware how dynamics of the groups you belong(ed) to – family, environment, work, friends, religions, countries, and such – have embedded deeply rooted patterns of behaving. Using System Constellations techniques, we work towards BEing you with confidence, ease and joy.

Depending on your query, we may work at all three levels or just one. For example, if you need to prepare for interview, we tend to work mainly on level 1, but often people who are applying for jobs are in a time of transition in their lives. Sometimes, mostly after the interview is done, people continue coaching in the process by strengthening the deeper levels 2 and 3 too.