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Taking your place

We start with you: your hopes, needs, what you want to take away from your coaching. You may be interested for yourself, for a specific relationship, or enquiring as a group or team. From our first informal chat, I will put together a free, non-obligatory report, giving my insights & initial observations, proposing  the shape our work together might take.

Theatre-based work is experiential. Along the way we’ll tap into the wisdom learned & earned from our life experiences – your own as well as mine. You will enter a space of deep learning: a safe, yet challenging space where you discover strengths and skills untapped until now. It will be surprising, also to me. My approach may bring us outdoors or might involve me observing you in real-life action. You may want to receive your EQ Profile. It may be active and physical, or quiet and reflective. We may stage a Constellation using objects. We will learn together, strengthening you.

Theatre-based coaching develops your 3 inseparable layers of being:

  1. your external – applying Theatre techniques to authenticate your expressiveness: How You Show Up
  2. your internal – developing Emotional Intelligence (EQ) to understand how your stories colour How You Show Up 
  3. your relational – by setting Constellations to surface the systemic context that deeply influence How You Show Up

Whilst all are always considered, your query may need particular focus on one.

For example, if you need to have stronger, lasting impact in an interview or presentation, we may develop your skills in layer 1 in particular. To get you ready on time. In the process you will get insights about the other layers too – realising that the stories you tell yourself (layer 2) and some unspoken dynamic in the larger context (layer 3) may influence your Presence. Should you wish to develop those too, you can extend coaching, attend one of our Workshops or take part in a Constellations day.

You may be eligible for free coaching hours. Check here for more details and how to apply. As a paying customer 20% of your payments contributes directly toward the free use of toBE services

Here you can find dates for and book on our Workshops & Constellations days.