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Underneath the surface

Over time we develop our ways to connect to others. Evolved from the people before us, our family & environment, the culture of our land, our workplaces. These are elements of who and how we are. We are not always conscious of the stronghold from these deeply rooted dynamics. We can find ourselves ‘stuck’, seemingly unable to change our ways.

Some ways evolved for reasons that made sense at the time – in the past –, but may no longer serve the story, our story, today. Constellation work brings those patterns & their dynamic to the surface. This moving experience releases the hold of ‘the old ways’. 

Constellations work originates in “Family Constellations”, a therapeutic method developed by psychotherapist Bert Hellinger. Constellations are adopted in most countries’ formal medical & therapeutic practices. In trauma work, the practice provides great relief for sufferers.  Over the past 50 years the practice has extended into many disciplines. toBE holds Nature & Systemic Constellations:

Nature Constellations includes the whole ecological context of being, not just the human one. These also prove to be enlightening for organisations. Sometimes a query directly involves animals, a garden, environment, communities or larger places.  Some may bring, as in every Constellation, ‘what is a challenge for me today’. Setting any query in the full Natural Context of which we are part, gives transformative insights. Details & Booking

Applied to organisations, Systemic Constellations highlight cultural practices which are counterproductive, or hold progress back. The chance to operate with a fresh perspective can shine light on ways in which a work or group setting can be improved: casting off the shackles of old ways which invisibly confine us. Details & Bookings

Setting constellations can also be part of coaching, should you wish to learn individually.

Once a year we run a transformative 3-day Workshop using Theatre, EQ and Constellations, aiming to release what holds you back, to be your most authentic truth-full self. Details &Booking

You may be eligible for free use of any toBE services. Check here for more details and how to apply.