Strengthening your use

We all have the full range of innate qualities that make up “being Emotional Intelligent (EQ)”.  It is not something ‘you either have or don’t’, but the ability to use this set of skills as affective for all in any given situation, particularly where emotions – yours’ and others’ – are a strong.

We each have our ways of using our EQ. This can mean an over-reliance on some of the qualities, and perhaps neglecting, avoiding or just not being aware how to use some others. 

EQ profiles assess exactly how you use these human qualities at present. There is no right or wrong, just fit for Purpose: does this profile suggests the best possible way for where you wish to be or go next?

To learn how this works in practice, select a profile that suits you from the examples. Your individual / group EQ Profile will be the compass for the query you want to work on with Petra. Is your current use helpful for how you want to be, or where you want to go next – individually or collectively?

Science suggests IQ is hard wired and very difficult to improve, but EQ responds well to Coaching. The benefits go beyond the workplace too. We know EQ Coaching boosts general happiness, mental and physical health, while also reducing levels of the stress hormone, cortisol.

A kind of soft power for the whole body.

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EQ Profile Types & Examples

Individual PROFILE

How often do you use the 15 key non-cognitive abilities that make up EQ?
Sample Profile


It can be difficult to see our own emotional abilities objectively.
This profile invites an honest and constructive appraisal from friends, colleagues, family and anyone else who might bring valuable perspective.
Sample Profile


How does your group score on emotional intelligence as a collective?
This is a profile designed to help you identify where the collective may be over- or under relying on the EQ spectrum.   
Sample Profile

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