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Petra Oorthuijs

Soft Power

Emotional Intelligence (EQ) is a range of innate qualities that we all have, not something ‘you either are or not’. Rather, we can learn how to use it more effectively in any given situation. Especially where emotions, others or your own, run high.

Each of us are used to using EQ, both individually and as a group, by over-relying on some qualities, avoiding or neglecting others; or we may be unaware how to tap into them. 

EQ Profiles paint a clear picture of how you presently use these qualities.  There is no right or wrong, just fit for purpose. Your profile may illuminate changes you’d like to make in your EQ usage, or aspects you’d like to lean into more. Like muscles in a workout, we can develop these skills to hone how we use them effectively for our unique circumstances. 

You or your group’s unique EQ-profile will be a powerful framework for your query. Developing EQ reaps far reaching rewards, including:

  • awareness and management of the stronghold emotions, yours and those of others, can have on crucial decisions
  • clearer communication/people engagement skills
  • deeper sense of self
  • stronger resilience in facing dilemma

The benefits goes beyond the workplace. We know EQ development boosts your well being, mental and physical health, reducing levels of the stress hormone, cortisol.

A kind of soft power for the whole body.

There are various ways to gain an insight in how you use your EQ presently. Your personal EQ profile is part of toBE’s 2-day or 3-day Workshops. They can also be part of a (group) Coaching programme.

Or, you can just choose & book an EQ Assessment by itself: