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Lopsided tree being supported by carved wooden hand.

Reciprocity in action

toBE believes that an all-inclusive Ireland is sustainable by applying global wisdom locally. This can be done by connecting with all beings around us, human or otherwise, particularly those with whom we’ve lost touch. 

Most people building such an Ireland, often do so without access to supporting resources. They do it anyway, because they care – and so do we.

toBE wants to give them the opportunity to reflect, learn new skills and strengthen their personal foundations. They can use toBE Coaching and attend Open events for free. It’s our way of practicing what we preach, and our paying customers can be proud that they’re supporting worthy causes too. It’s a win-win for everyone.


You may be

  • A volunteer
  • A sole trader
  • Self-employed
  • Part of a charitable organisation
  • An unemployed conscious consumer
  • A Trust, Committee or any other conscientious group

What makes you eligible is A) the ways you live your life to build a better future B) having a need for a toBE service and C) not having the financial means to buy it. 

While we are happy to support people in all sorts of positions, we are especially keen to support people whose efforts mirror our own values: Generosity, Imagination and Respect for all life, with community-building in mind. 

How to Apply

You can apply by filling out the form below. In it you will be asked to complete 3 sections:

  1. A detailed description of how you’re building a better future – with an emphasis on local benefits.
  2. How your chosen toBE service will be most supportive (Eg: “I wish to attend 1-day Personal Presence because I can’t effectively explain my work to people”). 
  3. How you imagine your use of toBE service could enhance your work & endeavours (we love reading this!)
The Process

Firstly, we will consider your application and decide your eligibility for our services. That’s the easy bit – every application so far has been an inspiring story to which we’d love to contribute.

Our careful consideration will give you valuable feedback in support of your ways forward. Should you prove to be ineligible, you will get detailed feedback explaining why. More likely than not though, you will be eligible. Rest assured there’s always something valuable from applying, because we care about your intentions and see the worth in it.

If you’re eligible and your preference is to take part in one of our Workshops or Constellation Days, then it’s a matter of time until your chosen event has enough paying customers for it to go ahead and you’re next in the queue.

If you’re eligible and indicated Coaching hours, then it’s a case of waiting until enough paid hours allow for your slot to happen. 

Unfortunately, the EQ-i instrument we use is owned by Multi Health-Services inc., so we can’t include EQ Profiles in this offer.

Our local hero Caitriona O’Sullivan is your point of contact

Take the first step and apply here