Master Classes | Bespoke Programmes 

Our unique combination of mastery in Emotional Intelligence & Family Constellations, Psychology (the inner world) with Theatre, Organisational System Dynamics and many Physical Alignment techniques (the outer world) enables a body to ‘show up’ with purpose. ‘Body’ being the whole organisation, the team, or you. 

Master Classes, Seminar, Workshops, Development Programmes or Speaking Engagements, whichever format you need, we’ll move the audience.

As per toBE’s values  every booking also books free places/hours to Irish Charities; of your choice if you wish.

Master Classes 2020 – 3 hours

Presence & Authenticity – embody Purpose
How do you show up? How do you embody, in everything you do, say and decide, what you and your organisation stand for? Comprehend and Practice Presence techniques; understand how true Authenticity is nothing to do with ‘being yourself’. Find Purpose and apply techniques to embody this, every time, with impact.


Emotional Intelligence – smartness embodied
How do you manage during adversity, transitions and challenging circumstances – yourself and others? Practice using your Emotional Intelligence for Purpose. Receive your personal EQ profile, sharpen your smartness to lead with purpose in the most challenging situations.


Team Dynamics – streamlining performance
Using the insights of Constellation Dynamics, you will dis-cover the blockages of your team’s potential performance. And your own role in that. Working with constellations allows us to experience and identify new ways of being that are fit for Purpose in a system of multiple relationships.


The Perfect Fit – Bespoke Programmes

The learning event you need, starts with us helping you to create ‘the aspired scene of the future’. To imagine. Based on the present ways the body moves, we design events that bring participants from the present to the imagined future.

To experience the skills, insights, shifts and dynamics needed get there.

Actors and Theatrical Settings can be used to explore interpersonal relationships, culture and behaviours, particularly in organisation-wide initiatives.

Samples of content / topics:

  • Emotional Intelligence
  • Leadership
  • Finding Purpose
  • Culture and its Dynamic
  • Presence & Authenticity
  • Embodiment
  • Theatre to explore alternative ways of dealing with organisation-wide ineffective behaviours
  • Team Dynamics
  • Team Performance
  • Eradicating Bullying, Harassment & Unacceptable Behaviours
  • Alignment of Organisational Culture Through Theatre
  • Emotional Intelligence & Customer Service
  • Communications Mastery
  • People Management


  • Coach-The-Coach
  • Train-The-Trainer

Ask about Creating a Bespoke Programme
Drop me an email with a brief outline of your challenges and I will send you some thoughts and ideas.