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Our unique combination of mastery in Emotional Intelligence (EQ), Family Constellations & Psychology (the inner world) with Theatre, and many Physical Alignment techniques (the outer world) enables any-body to ‘show up’ with purpose.  Beyond knowing what is needed, people are brought to BEhave what is needed.

For over 35 years Petra has worked with clients’ (Leadership) teams in business, education, health and community to visualise how their embedded cultures, patterns and behaviours embody Purpose and to practice new, more effective and impactful ways. Her tough love brings bodies to a more integrated level of performance for stronger impact.

Online or face-to-face, whichever format you need, we’ll move the audience. 

Our business model embodies toBE’s values . Petra wants to earn half of her old pricing based on your commitment to contribute the (value of the) other half to L&D in support of a registered charitable person/organisation.  For examples and details of how this works, click here.

Curtains up for the new stage: Online!

Yes, deep human connection and true Presence and attentive listening and and and….is all possible online. And surprisingly a whole lot more that isn’t possible face to face!

Forced by the reality of a worldwide stop-button, we delved into experimenting with technology to experience how/if it can add value to narrowing the gap between Imagination and Reality. Here’s some examples:

For a Masters in Leadership, my 2-day module on EQ & Presence was re-created online with 7 shorter learning events, spread over 3 weeks for leaders across Europe. We used a mix of zoom-meetings (interactive theory), profile feedback in small groups rather than 1:1 (reflection) and created a theatre-based event in which students – each in their own space –  had to participate physically (emphasis here is on physical / body / behaviour) with the emphasis on Presence. We closed a week later with a follow up session for which participants needed to prepare a physical embodiment & 1-page text of real-life examples of shifts in Leadership. We certainly learned a lot about what worked and some minor things we hadn’t considered, but overall were more blown away by what appeared to happen to participants beyond our expectations. We suspect the reasons for this was that people felt somehow more safe, were more willing to engage with others through a screen; the learning and takings from participants were much more focused, action-based and self-aware.

For (team/individual) Coaching we set up with various devices to allow a multiple angled view of the Presence and Interactions of the coachee(s).  In the past year we honed our experience in how to make clever and simple use of technology and devices to allow for impactful, physical, all-round L&D.  Access to recording and reviewing makes for coaching that get’s to the heart of matters quickly.

For a large corporation we created a scenario that embodied the challenges of working from home. All staff then were invited to the Live Performance (10 Min) after which we facilitated various different ways to overcome the challenge. Staff could – but didn’t have to – participate or could become witness/audience. This conscious choice was part of the learning. The affect of having a company-wide conversation, at a practical / emotional and systemic level, was wonderful. A lot of appreciation, motivation, energy and creative thinking. We did a similar exercise for another corporation who chose to do the same event twice because of staff being across 4 continents and not run it in their personal time. This brought up some interesting cultural differences, which were an unexpected bonus learning for the Leadership Team.

Ask about Creating 
Drop me an email with a brief outline of your challenge and we’ll start creating.

The Perfect Fit – Bespoke Programmes

The learning event you need, starts with us helping you to create ‘the aspired scene of the future’. To imagine = stepping in the image. Based on the present ways the body moves, we design events that bring participants from the present to the imagined future. To experience the skills, insights, shifts and dynamics needed get there.

These events can be delivered online for reduced fees.

With or without Actors and Theatrical Settings, the insights as principles can be used to explore interpersonal relationships, culture and behaviours, particularly in organisation-wide initiatives.

  • Emotional Intelligence
  • Leadership
  • Finding Purpose
  • Culture Assessments
  • Culture Dynamics
  • Presence & Authenticity
  • Embodiment
  • Forum Theatre to explore alternative ways of dealing with organisation-wide ineffective behaviours
  • Team Dynamics
  • Team Performance
  • Eradicating Bullying, Harassment & Unacceptable Behaviours
  • Alignment of Organisational Culture Through Theatre
  • Emotional Intelligence & Customer Service
  • Communications Mastery
  • People Management
  • Coach-The-Coach
  • Train-The-Trainer

Ask about Creating a Bespoke Programme
Drop me an email with a brief outline of your challenges and I will send you some thoughts and ideas.