“The amount of preparation and detail that Petra and her actors put into the programme was incredibly thorough. Even without the follow up, the Forum Theatre has made the single biggest impact on our people in my 20 years of working in HR for this company.”

HR Director, Electric Ireland


“The best Leadership Programme I attended at the near-end of my career! It gave me the mindset & practice – not easy, but right – that will help me use leadership for all parts of my life. A revelation.”

Director, Microsoft Ireland


“The actors staying in character really made the message come home; it was as if I was talking to myself, my colleagues. It felt cathartic in a strange way.”

Customer Service Manager, NSAI


“I received coaching from Petra Costigan-Oorthuijs, Director of toBE, and had an extraordinarily positive experience with her. She proved extremely helpful in coaching me on aspects of people management, resolving conflicts, as well as how to be more assertive and effective at meetings. I have warmly recommended her to other colleagues because, apart from instilling confidence and leaving me feeling more empowered on a professional level, she is a lovely, warm-hearted, funky human being, with whom it is a very great pleasure to spend time.”

Nicola Figgis – Head of School, UCD


“Petra has helped me to grow in confidence, both in my business and personally. From the little things which might turn out to be not that little – to the big picture strategic thinking and a hell of a lot of things in between. Petra spent a morning with all of us at Healthy Living. A morning full of home truths, simple changes and inspirational thinking. Thank you, Petra.”

Kevin Connolly – Owner of Healthy Living Health Centre


“As our team coach, Petra takes time to understand our needs and brings creativity and authenticity to every intervention. She has an incredible ability to reflect on your behaviour and the impact its having on our ability to lead as a Team; Unique ways of learning.”

Suzanne O’Toole, Director EMEA Supply Chain, MicrosofttoBE

“toBE delivered a full day training to 35 individuals seeking to improve their communications skills, particularly for media. toBE developed a bespoke programme, based on the needs of our organisation and the individuals taking part. The training was absolutely incredible. From the very outset, participants were made to feel comfortable and at ease. The goal of the session was made clear to all participants and the facilitator was captivating. Over the course of the training, participants visibly increased their skills and confidence in speaking publicly. The facilitator had a range of excellent exercises that really settled participants and empowered them to deliver their message effectively. toBE has been an invaluable asset to our organisation. We have seen first hand the skills and proficiency of toBE facilitators and we would not hesitate to recommend them.”

Ray Burke – Communication & Campaigns Officer Mental Health Reform


“Petra’s coaching has been invaluable to me. Through it I have grown in confidence, reaffirmed my strengths as a coach myself and seen where I need to experiment with and practice different behaviours – not something I welcomed initially, but something I have come to value through working with Petra. I always enjoy the sessions even as they are tough and go directly to the heart of the matter.”

Susan Coughlan – Leadership coaching, facilitation, and organisation development consulting

“Working with Petra over the last 5 years we have ran internal coaching programmes, Strategy workshops for our leaders and Petra has delivered one to one coaching for our leaders.  Petra and her approach really stands out for me as a learning provider in Ireland because it really is so much more than a learning intervention. Petra really takes the time and space to understand your organisation and culture to build a programme that best fits – even when you are not sure what you really need Petra reads between the lines and supports you to get there.  Any workshops that we have run with Petra our delegates have been really engaged, inspired and walk away having had an experience that impacts on their learning for life.  In addition to our delegates learning as a HR professional working with Petra I have learnt so much that has helped me with my role.  Petra is also really willing to share her breathe and depth of knowledge, techniques and experience which has benefited our business and myself on an ongoing basis.  When working with Petra she has had a genuine care and connection with our business and this has enabled her to on many occasions hold a mirror up for us to challenge ourselves and our thinking.  Petra helps you to move out of your comfort zone into your stretch zone in a safe environment which enables you to really experience what you are learning. There is great honesty and challenge from Petra whether on a one to one basis or in a group environment – this is enabled by the trust and connection that is built from the get go.  Our programmes with Petra have been focused on learning through exploration, understanding yourself and your impact and emotional intelligence and have supported with long term behaviour change.”

Aoife O’Connore – Ireland People Partner, Nandos

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