Theatre is the Art of BEing Human

It allows us to step outside ourselves and observe how the body behaves. The body being you, or your team, or your whole organisation. How the body moves. Interacts. Communicates.

We create unique Theatre that turns a bright beam on your body’s live, showing its truths, enlightening and energising you.

We rehearse, through actors, how the body may move in more effective ways. Individually and as a whole. More aligned to our Purpose, to our Customers’ expectations, to find meaning in our Presence.

Theatre visualises the emotional undercurrent; the reasons why we do what we do – the unspoken becomes exchangeable.

As used by toBE, Theatre becomes a potent breakthrough tool, enabling people and organisations to manage change. Even the most deeply-rooted corrosive cultures can be exposed and addressed through the power of performance.

The process, the performance and the development lets you test your strategy, by imagining parallel ways of being and using drama to see what the real-life consequences might be in each case.

Actors play out the real-life approach to problems or objectives in pre-prepared scenarios. Their inner thought and emotion is given in frozen moments of crucial inter-actions, so we experience the full human complexity at play. Then, participants are free to pause the drama and debate insights as they unfold.

By seeing how strategies play out in human drama the team is better prepared for real world outcomes – where emotion often confounds logic.

Future Modelling

So, rather than planning abstractly in isolation, Theatre allows you to model your future physically and emotionally with the all-important element of human interaction.

It’s that same that human dynamic and interpersonal drama that makes this group experience deeply immersive and genuinely transformative.

A million miles away from flip-chart logic and limp handshakes of old-style change management.

Drama is always compelling. Especially your own.