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“Theatre (n.): from theasthai “to behold”

The Art of Being in the world, Theatre, has provoked audiences since the dawning of humanity. Expressed in various styles, on formal and informal stages, performances shine a light on the hidden, the forgotten, the avoided. The aspects of our-self, our culture, that are difficult to see, hear or acknowledge. 

Theatre also expresses the catharsis, the finding of ways through.

Theatre moves us – it embodies e-motion – allowing safe exchanges about identity, meaning, being, searching. And shame, pain, sorrow or despair.

Theatre is everywhere: ancient rituals, plays performed home-based, community-based, eco-based, location-based. Theatre searches for platforms to alert the people.

Applying the wisdom of Theatre cuts through the noise. Allowing us to behold what’s truly going on. Theatre gives us master techniques in how to move, inter-act, communicate; how to BE present.

This provoking spirit of Art, combined with the techniques used in making & performing Theatre, are powerful learning tools. 

toBE continuously expands theatre-based learning by uniquely combining the wisdom of Theatre with other fields. All ‘to bear witness’, ‘to behold’: to acknowledge what’s deeply hidden and to explore new ways.

In our theatre-based Workshops and Coaching we consider your 3 inseparable parts:

  1. your external – applying Theatre to authenticate your expressiveness: How You Show Up
  2. your internal – developing Emotional Intelligence (EQ) to understand how your stories colour How You Show Up
  3. your relational – by setting Constellations to surface the systemic context that deeply influence How You Show Up

You may eligible for free toBE services. Check here for details and how to apply. We design theatre-based work for your organisation or event’s needs too. Contact us with your question.