Be Generous. Imagine. Respect.

When Petra turns her gaze inward, it’s important that the business she founded in 2000 is always an ethical and caring one.

In practice, this means looking to improve and enrich lives and being a responsible neighbour.

We believe a body without purpose will eventually lose its way.

So, when ethical issues arise we return to our core values. They are a touchstone, the yardstick against which we measure our decisions.


At toBE we try to be generous, wherever possible. That means delivering more to our clients than is expected but also being generous with our time.

Often, it involves offering personal Coaching to charity volunteers free of charge – toBE allocates 1 free place for every 3 regular bookings received.

We do this because we believe there’s a power in positivity – and we also like the idea of leading by example.

In any case, generosity is its own reward. Giving makes you feel better.


At toBE we aspire to step outside the comfort zone, explore and embrace new possibilities – both for ourselves and with each person we meet through our work.

In all of this, imagination is the key.

Progress flourishes when people unleash their curiosity, dare to dream and ask… ‘What if?


Everything we do is informed by respect: respect for the Art of Theatre, for Humanity and also for the Natural Environment.

These are things we hold dear, themes we return to time and again. They seep into our work and their influence is always welcome.

But, ultimately, this culture is important only insofar as it translates into positive results for you through our Group Programmes or One-To-One Coaching.

We know it delivers – and, we’re happy to report, our clients agree.

About Petra