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toBE Values

Generosity – Imagination – Respect

When Petra turns her gaze inward, it’s vital for her business to embody what she holds dear. These core values are her anchor, the yardstick against which to measure decisions how to work, and with whom. 


toBE believes in giving. That means delivering more to our clients than is expected but also by being generous with time, offering free use of our services to those in need; direct or indirect. In any case, generosity is its own reward. Giving makes you feel better.


toBE aspires to step beyond the zone of comfort and answers. Continuously exploring and believing – sometimes with some reluctance – there are, always, new and better possibilities.  In all of this, imagination is the key.

Progress flourishes when people unleash their curiosity, dare to dream and ask… ‘What if?


toBE’s core breath of life is respect, deep respect, for the Art of Theatre, for Humanity and for all in Earth’s Community; we are all interconnected.

These are things we hold dear, themes we return to time and again. They seep into our work and their influence is always welcome.

We know they strengthen those we work with in BEing confident with ease. And, we’re happy to report, our clients agree.

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