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Expanding your choices

How To Show Up – We ponder it so often, we might as well learn how to BE true to self. Based on the inseparable 3 layers of being, we offer 1, 2 or 3-day Workshops.

  1. your external – applying Theatre principles & techniques: authenticating How You Show Up in tune with your audience:
    1-day Workplace Presence or Personal Presence
  2. your internal – developing Emotional Intelligence (EQ) to manage emotions, your and those of others in How You Show Up:
    2-day Presence & EQ
  3. your relational – by setting Constellations, surfacing the systemic context that deeply influence How You Show Up:
    3-day Presence, EQ & Constellations

toBE’s experiential approach allows you to learn skills and apply them to your real-life’s scenarios. Learning is embodied through practice, observation, reflection and application:

Plus, toBE Workshops

  • are tailored to your level of skill and expectation: you will be asked to fill out a preparation questionnaire
  • include plenty of materials, resources & further reading that we send but not print + an eco-friendly notebook & pen
  • have a maximum of 10 participants to ensure individual development time
  • include homemade soup from local produce, with a slice of bread
  • run from 08:30 – 16:00; facilitating train times
  • are held in the multifunctional Methodist Church / Athy Community Arts Centre, at the banks of the River Barrow;

You may be eligible for a free place; check here for more details and how to apply.

Which Workshop is for you?

1-day Presence
Ideal if you or your message needs to be seen, heard, acknowledged. Practice verbal, vocal, physical and preparation skills to help you stand out with high impact. We run this workshop for professional or personal development.

1-day Work Presence: Build your authentic expression power.  Have the desired impact in interviews, presentations or stakeholder engagements. Details & Booking

1-day Personal Presence: Expressing yourself more clearly with friends & family, building confidence and assertiveness. Details & Booking.

Each runs every second month – for details, dates & bookings see our calendar

2-day Presence & Emotional Intelligence
Tailored for those looking to build their Presence and strengthen important relationships. Includes your persona EQ profile (sample here). You will develop your use of EQ to build relationships with confidence, clarity and ease.

We run this twice a year – some places are left on 21-22 June

3-day Presence, EQ and Constellations
Our most comprehensive workshop gives insights, reflection space and practice for you to be clear, confident and at ease in all your complex relationships. You will observe how your relationships, group dynamics and other influences affect your voice, posture, general energy and How You Show Up.

The 3 days include your personal EQ profile. You will apply the new techniques and insights to your real life challenges; anchoring you in every turbulent sea. Participants will have developed resilience to manage inner, outer and contextual influences. The stronghold of these are loosened and released.  We run this only once, from 19-21 September. Click here for more details and to book your place.

You may be eligible for free attendance. Check here for more details and how to apply.

Should you prefer to learn individually, we can meet to explore theatre-based coaching.